Employee Benefits

Whether you just started a new job, or you’ve been with the same employer for a long time, when is the last time you have reviewed your employer-sponsored benefits for efficiency? Navigating things like 401(k)’s, healthcare coverage, life insurance, equity compensation and everything in between. 



Our employee benefits discussions include:

401(k)’s: How much should you contribute to your 401(k) and how should it be invested? We can review the details on your company’s 401(k) plan and help decipher the capabilities it has. It could be discussing the utilization of a pre-tax or Roth feature. If your employer’s 401(k) also offers after-tax contributions as well, we can explore Roth conversions for those who want to save even more for retirement.

Healthcare Coverage: Which health plan is the best for your situation? Just because a plan is the most expensive doesn’t mean it is the best coverage. We can help you analyze your options and find the plan that will meet your needs and cost the least at the same time. Of course, as life changes, we can help you pivot these benefits to fit those changes.

Life Insurance: How much coverage does your employer offer, and should you take advantage of it? We can help you figure out the balance of group coverage from your employer combined with outside individual plans. Additionally, when you leave your employer, sometimes coverage ends and sometimes it’s portable. We can help navigate what this means to you and how to plan around it.

Equity Compensation: The mistake far too many employees make when they have equity compensation is they don’t do anything about it. Navigating things like vesting schedules, capital gains tax and diversification strategies can feel daunting. Having someone to help build a step-by-step plan for what to do and when can help reduce both your investment risk and tax cost.