Asset Management

You and your family (partner, spouse) work hard to accumulate assets over a lifetime. Asset Management is about helping You manage Your assets using prudent and effective strategies for all assets. This includes tangible assets like money, investments, real estate, antiques, patents, and the like. There are also intangible assets such as education, training, career path and ambitions, personal or professional. We take a holistic approach to Asset Management and Financial Planning while striving to include all techniques of growing different forms of wealth. Individuals and families depend on the assets they accumulate over the years, being able to sustain them later in life – in retirement or in the event of an unforeseen need.


Our discussions regarding Asset Management include:


Determining your objectives: Not everyone has the same, or similar, financial objectives as they embark upon accumulating their wealth. To manage Your assets prudently, We first need to understand what Your goals are for initially accumulating and subsequently using those assets.


Helping you choose your optimal asset mix: There are literally hundreds of asset-types that You can invest in, and as many combinations to do so. Your goals determine what asset mix will be the most efficient and effective strategy.


Assisting you creating a strategic asset allocation plan and tactical asset allocation plan: Successful investing is all about successful planning. We will help create both long-term (strategic) and short-term (tactical) asset allocation and management plans in line with the recommended asset mix.


Building your portfolio:  The most productive way to create long-term wealth is to consider the time frame for when assets will be needed versus the risk associated with Your goals being accomplished. Using the allocation mix agreed upon, We will build a results-focused portfolio of individual investments (Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Alternate investments, etc.) that will help achieve Your financial objectives.


Managing and monitoring the portfolio: We dedicate the time and resources for reviewing Your portfolio management so that it is done effectively and efficiently. We select management teams who oversee the investment mixes chosen for Your portfolio and do not select individual investments. If managers are not fulfilling their role in Your portfolio due to sub-performance or investment objective changes, they are replaced without additional transfer fees.


Measuring performance: We track the performance of Your assets under Our care, and constantly measure how they are performing against industry recognized benchmarks and Your goals.


Managing risk: Our Asset Management strategy includes appropriate risk mitigation as part of this service. Where there are new risks to the portfolio, We will consult with You and propose timely and appropriate actions to manage and mitigate them.


Reviewing, reporting, recommending changes and revisions to the strategy: Our Asset Management service is based on constant and open communication and collaboration with Our clients. Through regularly scheduled meetings and conversations, We ensure that Your Asset Management plans are continually reviewed, revised and updated to meet Your changing circumstances.