Each week we will discuss the basic fundamentals of financial life and how to be successful in overcoming deficits, both in will power and emotions! Real world advice, real world definitions, and timely discussion of real financial events in real time. Special guests and Q & A podcasts will be included in our format, along with humor from a variety of life experiences!

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Did you know that if you don't have a legal will, your residence state has one for you...and the people you leave behind after death may very well be hurt financially by your state's plans for your assets.

Alternative Investments are intended for "Accredited Investors" and carry significantly more risk than other investments. If you are curious as to whether you qualify as such, please consult with your Investment Advisor to review the stringent requirements.

What is a stock? It is all about ownership or otherwise known as "equity". We will talk about the fundamental facts of how stocks are used and why they are used as a backbone of a portfolio for most investors.

Basic food groups of investing begin with cash, then onto bonds. These are debt investments where you loan money to an outside entity, a business or government institution, and they give you a rate of interest to borrow your money for a certain length of time

As you begin to make your dinner there are basic ingredients to a recipe that should be followed to have success. Our first financial food group is Cash, freshmen class 101.

The part of eating cooked meals that nobody likes to do: the dishes or in the financial realm= TAXES!

Getting yourself set up for success in preparing your "financial" meals!

Get on track in the new year when it comes to your money. You earn it... how do you keep it!